Official Statement on Police Violence

The Halifax Cycling Coalition and the Halifax Bicycle Mayor condemn the Halifax Regional Police’s use of bicycles as barricades and as weapons. 

On August 18th 2021, Halifax Regional Municipality and Halifax Regional Police forcibly removed people living in tents and temporary shelters. During these encounters, the Halifax Regional Police used bicycles as barricades and weapons. We believe that bicycles are tools of freedom, and should not be used for oppression or violence. Mobility justice and cycling issues are inextricably linked to accessing affordable housing. As such, we stand in solidarity with those calling for improved access to affordable housing.

We call on the Halifax Regional Police and the RCMP to immediately cease using bicycles as weapons, force protection, and crowd control tools. The Halifax Cycling Coalition and the Halifax Bicycle Mayor stand in solidarity with unhoused people; we call on all levels of government to ensure that people can access appropriate housing for their needs.

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