Advocacy Email Template & Contacts

You can use the following email template when contacting staff or politicians at the Halifax Regional Municipality. Feel free to Cc us at when emailing!

Dear [name],

My name is [your name] and I’m reaching out to you today to ask that you prioritize [bike infrastructure in X location, or a specific project that we’re working on]. 

[for a full list of our advocacy efforts, visit:]

Residents of the HRM would greatly benefit from [bike lanes, bike corrals] because…

Talk a little about yourself and explain why this infrastructure and bike accessibility is important to you!


List of councillors (email re: bike infrastructure, community building)

List of MLAs (email re: road work)

Halifax Mayor:

Andy Fillmore, MP for Halifax:

Who’s Who

The folx listed below are some of the people (working with the Halifax Regional Municipality) that you might want to consider writing to or calling to advocate for cycling issues.

It’s best to email or call with a specific advocacy message and/or request about an ongoing issue (e.g. new bike lanes in a certain area).

Politicians (mayor, councillors, MLAs, ministers, etc.)

Contact politicians about larger, more long-term projects and ideas.

  • decide on budgets and political priorities 
  • vote for or against legislation and policies
  • advocacy helps inform on the importance of cycling 

Municipal and provincial bureaucrats (staff, planning staff)

Write to city planning staff about specific projects and infrastructure decisions. 

  • in charge of the planning process for transportation and public works projects
  •  can help make the plans more bike-friendly
  • advocacy can influence how bike-friendly projects are

Active Transportation Advisory Committee (one HRM councillor, stakeholder representatives, and community members)

Write to the ATAC about specific projects, ideas, and any active transportation needs you may have.

  • makes motions to send to the Transportation Standing Committee
  • encourages the use of active transportation in the HRM
  • advocacy for active transportation from citizens informs all of their work

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