Board of Directors

2022-23 Board of Directors

As a non-profit organization, the Halifax Cycling Coalition is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The HCC Board of Directors is elected by our members at our annual general meeting. Board members have two-year terms and they oversee the operation of the HCC.

Peter Zimmer (Chair)

Peter has been cycling in Halifax since 1969, and in his late-70s he still uses his bike as my primary city transportation vehicle (while also walking, using transit and Communauto Atlantic). He has had a serious long-term interest in all sorts of mobility solutions for this city, putting in many hours as a citizen-participant in civic planning events over the past decades. He’s previously worked with the HCC Infrastructure Committee for a couple of years, and with Leading With Transit. He was one of the founders of CarShareHFX (now Communauto Atlantic) in 2008, retiring from managing it in 2014. He is also the newly appointed Nova Scotia ambassador for the Cycling Without Age program.
David Trueman (Treasurer)
Dec 2022 –
Keriann MacNaughton-Seguin (Secretary)
Dec 2022 –
George Warburton (Secretary)
– Dec 2022
George is a professional mechanical engineer that relocated in the summer of 2020 to Dartmouth from Calgary, AB. He is an avid mountain, trail, and road cyclist, looking to contribute meaningfully to the local biking community. With a focus on safe and sustainable development, he is hoping to apply his engineering and project management experience towards improving the future of biking in the HRM.
Alejandro Ocampo (Treasurer)
– Dec 2022
Originally from Mexico, Alejandro moved to Halifax in 2016; he holds a Master of Health Administration from Dalhousie University and a Medical Degree from the University of Morelos, Mexico. He currently works as the General Manager at Maplestone and oversees an 87-bed nursing home. He has a strong financial acumen and had the opportunity to work as a sessional professor for a Master’s level Finance and Accounting course at Dalhousie. He is very passionate about sports medicine, health promotion, preventative medicine, knowledge translation, and giving back to the community.
Sarah Manchon (Ex Officio Member)

Sarah Manchon has been a member of the board of directors of the Halifax Cycling Coalition for 3 years, and Chair of the board for 2 of these. Sarah works at the Halifax North Public Library and has a particular interest in the opportunities that cycling offers for those who face barriers of accessibility and affordability.
Raylene Langor (Ex Officio Member)

Raylene loves to cycle the roads of Halifax. Originally from Gooseberry Cove, Newfoundland, she has called the Halifax peninsula home since 2012. Raylene currently works as a lawyer at McInnes Cooper and has previous experience as a Policy Analyst for Health Canada. She is a recent graduate of the Schulich School of Law, and also holds a Master of Health Administration degree from Dalhousie University. Raylene is passionate about interprofessional collaboration, professional regulation, advocacy… and of course, bikes!
Talan İşcan

Talan İşcan is a Professor and Chair of the Economics Department at Dalhousie University, where he has been teaching and conducting research since 1994. He has also taught courses and gave lectures in South America, the Caribbean, the Baltic countries, and the United States. He has been an advocate for naturalized urban landscapes, and safe and convenient walking and cycling for all ages and abilities. He feels that affordable transportation like cycling is a human right.
Sara M Farias

Sara is a Brazilian who moved to Halifax in 2020 to attend Professional Photography at NSCC. Thought her college, she’s producing a project called “Nova Scotia by Bike” with the purpose to share information, with photos and videos, about biking in Nova Scotia, not only in the city but around the province, a touring bike. This project started in 2020 when she did a 400Km looping in Nova Scotia, visiting small fishing communities. Besides this, she has her undergraduate in Social Science with an emphasis in Sociology and Anthropology, which gives her motivation to explore new places and new cultures.
Dawn Gordon

Dawn is a lifelong cyclist – from commuting to road and trail riding. She cycled all over Dartmouth/Halifax from 1985 to 1993 for work, school and fun. She has been back in Dartmouth since 2019, after 26 years in Fredericton, where she was also a regular cycling commuter and road and trail rider. Dawn lives in Portland Hills and commutes via the Baker Dr/Mount Hope trail and Woodside ferry to her job with the government in downtown Halifax. Dawn sees lots of space in the Ferry’s bike racks with each crossing, and would love to see lots more bikes! During her last few years in Fredericton, she worked with her fellow citizens to advocate for a pedestrian crossing over a busy highway to connect two neighbourhoods resulting in the city conducting a feasibility study.
Susie Addison

Susie loves cycling and has been bike commuting and mountain biking since she was a child. She has lived and biked in Alberta, Ontario, BC, Finland, Australia and East Timor and now calls Dartmouth home. As the mother of two small children, she is passionate about making HRM streets safe and accessible for her family to cycle. Susie works for the Government of Canada and holds a master’s degree in peace and conflict resolution.
Jasmine Boudreau

Growing up, Jasmine despised biking! It felt like a lot of work to get somewhere growing up in hilly Nova Scotia on a clunky old bike. When she moved to the North End of Halifax and got a new (much lighter) bike it provided her with a new sense of independence when it came to commuting! Jasmine is a yoga instructor and a medical receptionist for an ortho surgeon and she’s hoping to pursue physiotherapy. She’s passionate about people moving their bodies in ways that they love! She is hopeful that Halifax will become a more bike-friendly city so that the idea of biking to work is not “scary” or “crazy” and more people will consider travelling by bike, especially in the nicer weather! Jasmine loves connecting with different communities and is excited to become more integrated into the cycling community of Halifax!
Martyn Williams

Since arriving in Kjipuktuk, Mi’kma’ki in 2016 from the United Kingdom Martyn realized some differences relating to road safety for vulnerable road users that were going to prevent him from cycling with his young family. That was disappointing given cycling had been his main mode of transport for almost forty years. He took to walking more often and found that also extraordinarily and needlessly challenging. Perturbed, Martyn reached out to other cyclists and pedestrians through Halifax Cycle Chat and formed a Facebook group for all vulnerable road users called “HRM Safe Streets for Everyone“, also the Twitter account Kjipuktuk (Halifax) Safe Communities. Martyn is well known by leadership through attending Council meetings, and by local social media active cyclists and pedestrians. Martyn would like to see cycle routes incorporated into road diets every time an artery road is resurfaced as well as well as safe cycling routes to schools.
Annie Khalil

Originally from Lebanon and Bulgaria, Annie has been living in Halifax since August 2019. She holds a Masters in Translation and a Masters in International Relations and Diplomacy and is currently working at the Ministry of Education and Early Childhood Development as a Translator/Editor. For Annie, biking is tied to childhood memories, ever since her grandfather taught her how to ride her first bike one summer in Bulgaria. She strongly believes that biking is a human right, a dependable and environmentally friendly mode of transportation that allows people to get regular exercise. She is excited to contribute to making biking lanes safe and accessible throughout Halifax.
Alison Zimmer

Alison grew up in Halifax, spent many years in Toronto, and is now once again a resident of Halifax Peninsula North (District 8). She bikes for transportation and pleasure, enjoying group rides with friends and the Monthly Cycle. She is an accomplished film and media professional and is passionate about equity and urban issues. She has previously worked with Cycle Toronto, and wants to support the HCC in making cycling in Halifax safe and welcoming for new riders. Alison is an active volunteer with advocacy organizations including the Ecology Action Centre and the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, as well as on political campaigns at all levels of government. She holds an MBA in Strategic Management from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.

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