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Halifax will be the safest city in North America to ride a bicycle.


The mission of the Halifax Cycling Coalition is to improve conditions for cycling for all residents of Halifax by providing events, education and advocacy support. The Halifax Cycling Coalition is a non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for safe and comfortable bicycle infrastructure.



We believe in eliminating systemic oppression and ensuring that communities are supported in advocating for safe streets in their neighbourhoods. We also believe that cycling can be a tool for making our city more equitable by providing access to employment, education, and essential services.

Safety for All Road Users

We believe in supporting changes to our communities that promote safe, equitable, and accessible transportation options for all ages, abilities, and backgrounds, emphasizing the needs of vulnerable road users. We believe in Vision Zero, which means there will be no fatalities or serious injuries on our streets.

 High-Quality Infrastructure Design

We support improvements to the built environment and infrastructure that facilitate the use of bicycles as a mode of transportation. We believe that creating safe streets means building and maintaining infrastructure to a high standard, as set out in progressive design guidelines like the NACTO guides and CROW Manual.


We believe cycling can reduce traffic congestion, carbon emissions, and the negative impact of transportation on the environment.

Community Development

We believe cycling can facilitate people’s engagement with their communities and local businesses. We aim to promote a collective sense of responsibility for vulnerable road users and believe the voice of people who ride bikes is a critical part of the discussion. We are committed to building partnerships with government, non-profits, businesses and community members to achieve our goals.


We care about standing up for what we believe in and amplifying the voice of vulnerable road users. We believe in working collaboratively with our local government to advocate for safe, high-quality bicycle infrastructure.

 Health & Wellbeing

Cycling is an excellent form of recreation and physical activity that we believe can support improved physical and mental health.


The Halifax Cycling Coalition was formed in the wake of an unfortunate fatal collision between a person driving a vehicle and a person riding a bike on Barrington Street in 2007. The HCC was registered as a non-profit society with the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stock Companies in January 2008.


The mandate and operating procedures of the HCC are further described in our by-laws.

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