A Connected Bike Network in HRM

Our vision is that Halifax will be the safest city in North America to ride a bicycle. This starts with a connected bike network. Folks in Halifax should be able to bike safely and comfortably to wherever they need to go—this means infrastructure for all ages and abilities (AAA) that is protected from car traffic, easy to access, and comfortable to ride. 

With an AAA network, cycling should be an option for people to get where they need to go: this includes school, work, buying groceries, medical appointments, etc. Cycling is not a real option for people if they cannot rely on safe cycling routes to get to any and all of their destinations. 

Cycling routes need to be reliable and accessible at all times of the day and night and during all seasons. Routes should be plowed in the wintertime, and free of debris or leaves in spring, summer, and fall. Construction or other “temporary” road adjustments should not impact the accessibility and safety of bike routes. 

Read more about the kinds of infrastructure we want to see in Halifax here.

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