Current Infrastructure Projects

Ongoing infrastructure projects and improvements are mostly those proposed in the Integrated Mobility Plan. City council has adopted the IMP, and the building of the “minimum grid” of cycling routes on the map below should be completed by 2022.

A cycling map with current infrastructure, as well as repair stations and bike shops, is available here.

Here are some of the cycling infrastructure projects that are ongoing or upcoming as per the Halifax Regional Municipality website:

Read more on the Macdonald Bridge Project here.

While these routes and connector paths are a good start, it’s important that we keep pushing for better, safer infrastructure across the Halifax Regional Municipality.

Other bikeways and bike lanes that are essential to an equitable and accessible minimum grid:

  • active transportation access to Africville Park
  • connecting existing infrastructure and making connections from the minimum  grid to the suburbs

If you know of a specific street or location that needs cycling infrastructure and it’s not listed here, send us an email to and we’ll check in!

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