University Avenue bicycle lane

university avenue bicycle lane

On Sunday, December 11th, some of the posts protecting the University Avenue bicycle lane were removed by Dalhousie University. The photo above shows how it immediately became a parking lot for Dal staff. This move turned the lane from top-of-the-line to one that is not considered safe for a child or senior to ride. After only two months of the pilot, with no data, no public engagement and no notice, Dalhousie University decided to compromise this lane to appease patrons of the Dalhousie Arts Centre. Dalhousie says they received little feedback from people who use the lane, even though more Dal students, faculty, and staff ride a bicycle than there are seats in the Dalhousie Arts Centre. We need to hear your voice loud and clear: the protective posts need to be re-installed on University Avenue. Use the form below to email and cc so that we can track the feedback.

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When writing your email, try to highlight the personal impact this lane has had. If you feel safer, if you have ridden through the area more, if you enjoy arriving at concerts by bicycle, the more personal the story the more effective it is. Even if you don’t have a personal story of the University Avenue bicycle lane, take a moment to tell Dalhousie why protected bicycle lanes are needed.

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