I Light HFX

What is I Light HFX?

The Halifax Cycling Coalition has been organising a yearly campaign called I Light HFX since 2016. Inspired by Cycle Toronto’s Get Lit campaign, and HUB Cycling’s Bike the Night event, we want to help make it safer for people to ride bikes at night.

We organise the I Light HFX campaign to bring visibility to cycling after dark, and to build community around cycling all year round. The campaign includes a community ride with well-lit and decorated bikes, free light giveaways, and raising funds for the Halifax Cycling Coalition. We host the campaign in the fall when the evenings become darker earlier, and we don’t want anyone to get left in the dark.

The community ride is a fun way to encourage people of all ages and abilities to get creative with lighting up their bikes as bright as possible and riding together through our city. We give out prizes for the brightest bikes to encourage people to have fun with it!


This year I Light Halifax’s ride is November 18, 2022!

Click here to learn more about this year’s event and register.

The rain date will be November 25, 2022. We will be updating the event page as we approach the date. Check back for ride details and route!

Bike Light FAQ

Do I need bike lights?

Nova Scotia law required that bikes be equipped with a white light at the front of your bike and a red reflector or red light at the rear. Although the law only requires a reflector in the back, we recommend a red rear light while riding in low visibility conditions. This is required if cycling at night, starting within 30 minutes before dusk and up to 30 minutes after sunrise.

When should I use bike lights?

Lights are required at night, starting within 30 minutes before dusk and up to 30 minutes after sunrise. However, many people choose to use lights at all times to increase their visibility on the road, much like vehicles now use lights at all times. Some choose to use flashing lights during daytime, and near dusk and dawn, while choosing to use solid non-flashing lights in the dark. An explainer on that here. More on how to choose bike lights here.

But it is getting colder out!

Join us and extend your riding season! Good bike lights will support you in extending your riding season as the commuting hours grow darker. Visit our page about cycling in winter for tips and adjustments you can make for a safer and more comfortable ride.


Several businesses and organizations support the I Light HFX campaign and we couldn’t do it without them!

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