Almon Street Bike Lane

almon street bicycle lane

Halifax could be getting another bike lane! Next Wednesday, May 3rd, a meeting will be held at the Halifax Forum Maritime Hall (beside the bingo hall) at 6:30pm (presentation at 7) to discuss a possible bicycle lane on Almon Street, running from Stadacona to Westmount. This bike lane will provide a much-needed east-west connection in the middle of the Peninsula, connecting the Windsor Street bike lane and a future north/south local street bikeway on Isleville, Fuller, Northwood, Maynard, and Creighton. We are all for this enhancement, and need your support to make sure it happens. Details on the event can be found here and online consultation details will be shared on May 4 on Shape Your City Halifax.

Overview Almon Street & the proposed bicycle facility types being considered.

The proposed lane will feature a mix of painted bike lanes and sharrows. Our concern around this proposal is that sharrows have been found to be an ineffective treatment to improve safety for people cycling.  Proper bicycle lanes, especially protected bicycle lanes, are needed. This will result in additional removal of on-street vehicle storage and we want to work with the city to identify a reasonable accommodation for displaced parking stalls on the stretch between Gottingen and Agricola, where the sharrows are proposed. This is a key connection due to its proximity to the future local street bike lane.

Halifax is making great strides in proposing new bicycle infrastructure on the peninsula. In the last two years, protected bicycle lanes were added on University and Rainnie, a bike lane was added on Hollis & Devonshire, and upgrades & extensions have been proposed for South Park Street. While the Halifax Cycling Coalition would like to see more projects open and at a faster pace, we would like to see something on the street that will actively improve safety conditions for people cycling! We need your support to ensure that Almon gets a bike lane this summer and that whatever is installed supports more cycling in Halifax.

4 comments on “Almon Street Bike Lane

  1. Built an app for your coalition to map out opportunities or constraints or whatever for the Almon St Bike Land
    Just highlight the pink star and the dot editor window will pop and you can add a 250 word comment and pictures

  2. Scott says:

    As a resident between dublin & cannaught. This leaves my family and many others without no parking on our own street. Very unfair and not really thought out .our homes $$ and others who will now have to park on nearby streets . Say goodbye to events such as birthdays & xmas for friends .& family to walk blocks to visit…shake your heads

    1. Ben Wedge says:

      I’m happy to see that many families on your street could get access to transportation that is healthy and affordable. There are many families in Halifax who do not have the luxury of free parking in front of their houses. Nearly everyone can walk a block to park on the side street. For those who can’t, it will be legal to block the bike lane to drop passengers off, then the driver can go get parking. Bike lanes will be great for Halifax. Those that we have are seeing lots of traffic, building a connected network will make them more and more popular.

  3. Don says:

    As a home owner on a narrow street one over from Almon, I have to be concerned about additional parking clogging our street. Where do the planners think the cars that currently park on Almon will go?

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