Comprehensive HRM Bike Map

Tired of needing to reference different maps for fix-it stations, bike shops, bike lanes, etc? Us too.

So, we’ve made a comprehensive map of all bike infrastructure in the HRM. That includes bike lanes, fix-it stations, bike shops, HCC member businesses, and bike counters. Check it out below, and save it to your Google Maps so you can use it on your mobile devices!

To save it to your Google Maps:
1. First, make sure you are signed in to your own Google Maps by going to and by signing in.
2. Enlarge the map, below, by clicking the “View larger map” button in upper right corner (looks like a picture frame).
3. In the new window (that will open up the full-screen map), click the star so it’s highlighted (yellow).
4. Open up your drop-down menu on your Google Maps, click ‘My Places’, then ‘Maps’. The Bike Map will show up in this list, and will display on your Google Maps (even on your mobile devices too!)

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