Halifax Cycling Handbook

The Halifax Cycling Handbook is here! This handy, pocket-sized guide contains all you need to know about getting around Halifax by bike, from buying to winter riding.

Access the online copy by clicking on the cover photo below, or visit Long Alley Bicycles, Giant Bikes, or Cyclesmith for a free print copy!

The handbook includes:

  • types of bikes
  • helmet and bike safety
  • road safety tips
  • bike laws

and more!

The production and publication of this handbook has been generously sponsored by the government of Nova Scotia, Halifax Cycles and Guitars, Clean Foundation, BYCS Bicycle Mayor Halifax, and the Ecology Action Centre.

Text/Design/Layout: Meghan Doucette
Illustrations: Hannah Emmett, and Andrew Durano
Editors: Anika Riopel, Ashleigh Boers, Emily Miller, Becky Spencer, Steven Schwinghamer, Ben
Hammer, Jenna Molenaar, Jillian Banfield, Dan Peterson, Megan Rector, Raylene Langor, and
Sarah Manchon
Sources: Can-Bike, The Toronto Cyclists Handbook, The Toronto Cycling Handbook: Family
Edition, Quebec Safe Cycling Guide, Nova Scotia Bicycle Safety booklet, BYCS, Nova Scotia
Summary Offence Ticket Booklet, and Freepik.