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The Halifax Cycling Coalition wants to build 100km of protected bike lanes by 2020
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The On Track for 2020 report outlines the Halifax Cycling Coalition’s plan for building bike lanes in Halifax.

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The On Track for 2020 report is our plan to build 100km of protected bike lanes and shared streets in Halifax’s Regional Centre by 2020. We believe it can be done for just $1.6 million in materials, with almost no disruption to vehicle flow and little change in parking spaces. The On Track for 2020 report outlines 37.7km of protected bike lanes and encourages the city to build 62.3 km of low-speed residential side streets feeding in to the network. Our designs are based on the standards developed by the National Association of City Transportation Officials.

On Track for 2020 is an ambitious plan to make better investments in Halifax’s street network. By prioritizing the bicycle and spending 2% of the road budget to improve cycling safety we could be the number one city for cycling in Canada by 2020. This report builds on Halifax’s Active Transportation Plan (2006) and Active Transportation Priorities Plan (2014), calling for candidate routes to be built sooner and to a higher standard. Halifax must discontinue the use of painted bicycle lanes and instead turn to a mixture of barrier-protected lanes and low-speed shared streets to move people through the city safely and conveniently. With immediate action we can stay on top of the cycling revolution sweeping North America.

This report begins with information on protected bike lanes, including health, environmental, and safety benefits. The second half of the report re-imagines Halifax’s streets, showing how they will look when we invest in cycling. All major streets in the Regional Centre are discussed in this report. This report shows that not only is it possible to add protected bike lanes to our major roads, but that we would be foolish to not do so.

Download the On Track for 2020 Report today

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