Support the Crosstown Connector!

In December/January a report will go to city council making a recommendation for a crosstown bike lane- council will then make a decision as to support this recommendation.

NOW is the time to mobilize support for a bike lane on Agricola Street! NOW is the time to write to your city councilor!

All councilors will have a vote on the bike lane, so even if you live outside the peninsula, please let your councilor know that you support the proposed Agricola Crosstown Connector. We see this route as a strong foundation on which to build a network of connected cycling routes across the many communities that make up the HRM.

Write to your councilor, let them know that you…

… support the proposed bike route on Agricola Street.

… think people should have a choice in how they move about their city.

… feel strongly that HRM children should be able to safely ride their bikes.

… want a place for bikes on HRM roads.

We have done all the hard work for you- just download this form letter (feel free to add your own words) and be sure to fill in your councilor’s name & your name/address. Then sign & mail it in!

If you have questions, please email us at

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