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An automatic counter collects data on Agricola Street

Data makes the difference

How many Haligonians ride their bicycles every day? Without data, we have no idea. Census data show that a paltry 1.1% of us ride our bicycles to work, but that does not tell us about…
A cyclist crosses the Macdonald Bridge Bicycle Lane

Macdonald Bridge Bike Lane Delay

People who walk and bike are frustrated that the MacDonald Bridge bicycle lane and sidewalk have been closed for two years, inconveniencing people for much longer than initially promised. While the Halifax Cycling Coalition is…
almon street bicycle lane

Almon Street Bike Lane

Halifax could be getting another bike lane! Next Wednesday, May 3rd, a meeting will be held at the Halifax Forum Maritime Hall (beside the bingo hall) at 6:30pm (presentation at 7) to discuss a possible bicycle lane on Almon Street,…

Celebrating Volunteer Week at Canada Games Centre

The Halifax Cycling Coalition was excited to participate in the recent National Volunteer Week. The Halifax Cycling Coalition builds support for safe cycling through the strength of it’s dedicated volunteers. Volunteers write grant applications, take photographs, design posters,…
Constable Shawn Currie

Cycling Profile: Const. Shawn Currie

Const. Shawn Currie cycles everyday, but not for recreation, it’s a requirement for his job. Currie is the community response officer for the Halifax Regional Police, basically he cycles around town, enforcing bylaws and works…
ghaith sabri

Cyclist Profile: Ghaith Sabri

Sabri riding through Point Pleasant Park with his dog Falafel. Photo: Julia Manoukian. When Ghaith Sabri is granted his Canadian citizenship, he’s going to celebrate by cycling across the country. “It’s really a big deal,”…
Jim Dikaios

Cyclist Profile: Jim Dikaios

“I’m not good. I mean, I’m an ‘ok’ rider, but… I just love to ride” After over thirty years riding bicycle, for 53 year old Jim Dikaios it’s all about being a kid again. “My…

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