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A cyclist crosses the Macdonald Bridge Bicycle Lane

Macdonald Bridge Bike Lane Delay

People who walk and bike are frustrated that the MacDonald Bridge bicycle lane and sidewalk have been closed for two years, inconveniencing people for much longer than initially promised. While the Halifax Cycling Coalition is…
HCC supporters are ready to #Bike2VoteNS


In this election, active transportation took a back seat. None of the parties presented a credible plan to help Nova Scotia’s municipalities implement their shovel-ready active transportation plans, and we did not have the resources…

Bicycle-Friendly Council Candidates

The Halifax Cycling Coalition released a pledge this fall, asking all council candidates to support the moves required to improve the safety and experience of people who ride a bicycle in Halifax.  The pledge highlights…
Truck Sideguard Boston

Halifax Regional Council Approves Side Guards

The Halifax Cycling Coalition is very pleased to announce that Halifax Regional Council has approved the staff recommendation for side guards on all city and contacted trucks. The installations will begin in 2017, with all city vehicles…
community engagement trailer

Build a community engagement trailer

Donate Now Over the past nine years the Halifax Cycling Coalition has worked hard to grow awareness of cycling issues in Halifax. Whether it's more bicycle lanes, changes to the Motor Vehicle Act, or safety…
Cyclists don't want right hooks

It’s time for a new Road Safety Act

Dooring is the name given to the distracted practice of opening a motor vehicle door into the path of a commuting cyclist. Cute right? and the penalty? “Don’t worry about it. You can get a…
on street bicycle parking

On-street bicycle parking

Have you ever had trouble finding bicycle parking near Lion & Bright, Local Source, Envie, and Smith’s Bakery? With narrow sidewalks on Agricola and other streets it’s hard to put enough bicycle parking in place.…

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