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Bark & Bikes: Not Mutually Exclusive

The Morris Street Bikeway is a part of the Peninsula South Complete Streets project. HRM has been hosting stakeholder meetings in advance of holding broad public engagement. At the last stakeholder meeting, HRM shared concept…
Jillian Banfield on her bike on Citadel Hill.

What Does “All Abilities” Mean?

Blog post by Jillian Banfield A frustrating lack of clarity When I first started in cycling advocacy, the phrase “all ages and abilities” was becoming popular. I served on a couple of municipal committees, where…
Halifax's sidewalk plowing

Fix our sidewalk plowing

(Photo source: Global News) Sign the petition now. The Halifax Cycling Coalition is asking you to voice your opinion on the state of Halifax’s street and sidewalk plowing, and support our call for better snow-clearing…
The Halifax Cycling Coalition wants to build 100km of protected bike lanes by 2020

On Track for 2020

A protected bike lane makes a difference Halifax has the chance to become the number one medium-sized city in Canada for cycling. We call that being On Track for 2020. With your help we can…

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