Flat Tire Repair

flat tire
flat tire

Flat tire, Creative Commons via Flickr/Sam Dal Monte https://www.flickr.com/photos/samd/27599110/

A flat tire can really take the air out of your day. The next time you have a flat, we’ve got your back. Monthly donors are entitled to two flat tire repairs per year, on us! Signing up is easy: go to cyclehalifax.ca/register/ and sign up for a monthly contribution of $5 or more, or an annual contribution of $50 or more, and we’ll send you a special membership card in the mail. Just show your card and they’ll install a new tube, no questions asked.*

Please allow up to 2 weeks for your card to be delivered.

Participating Businesses

*The Halifax Cycling Coalition reserves the right to modify or cancel this agreement at any time without notice. The Halifax Cycling Coalition will cover a repair up to $15, which includes most commonly available tube sizes and makes. All additional expenses, including any other maintenance your bicycle or tire may require are not covered.

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