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Join us for a storytelling event to hear about positive, personal, and bike-related stories from Halifax and beyond. This event is part of Winter Bike Week and is taking place virtually.

BIKE MINDS is a bicycle-themed storytelling event where guests share positive, personal, and inspiring stories related to cycling. Participants are invited to engage in thoughtful and inclusive conversations around a mutual appreciation for the bicycle. We welcome stories from all members of the cycling community and aim to provide space for storytellers with a diversity of backgrounds and experiences.

BIKE MINDS was founded in 2018 by Matt Pinder and Michelle Kearns. Inspired by a trip abroad to the Netherlands, and feeling disenfranchised with the level of negativity often experienced in the cycling community, Matt was determined to create a space where cycling could be celebrated. Michelle realized the potential for such an event and the two paired up. What began as a simple storytelling event evolved quickly into a force of good, with a wide range of diverse stories inspiring people to think differently about who cycling can be for.

We've partnered with BIKE MINDS for the BIKE MINDS HALIFAX: Winter event. Join us on Thursday, February 11th at 6pm AST to hear positive, personal, and bike-related stories during Winter Bike Week. When you register online we will send you a Zoom link to take part in the event virtually. 

There is no charge to participate in the BIKE MINDS HALIFAX: Winter event because we want to make tickets accessible to as many people as possible. However, we have enabled an option for you to make a pay-what-you-can donation when registering for the event. Donations will go toward our work and organizing costs. We really appreciate your support!


Kara Martin, Quebec - Nomadic Velocipedesrtienne

Kara's cycling journey began while commuting to the University of Victoria with the encouragement of her roommates. After a few twists and turns, Kara eventually ended up in Halifax where she grew into a cycling advocate. She was involved with the Dal Bike Centre and helped out with HCC whenever she had the chance. Again, thanks to the encouragement of her roommates, she dared to continue commuting through the winter (lucky for her, that was the year of Snowpocalypse). After a solo cycle tour around Europe, Kara moved to Montréal to be immersed in a bike-friendly culture. Currently, she is a masters student at McGill, and you guessed it: studying active transportation! She dreams of the day when everyone feels comfortable getting on a bike to go somewhere, or just for fun.

Louis-Philippe Tessier, Quebec - Bike enthusiast

Louis-Philippe is a 30-year-old mobility counsellor and bicycle urbanist working for a Swiss consulting firm. He has cycled to get around since 2009 and it’s his second winter cycling. Louis-Philippe is always trying to convince people around him that (almost) everything can be done by bike. His summer holidays involve cycling for a week in the mountains or forests.

Stephanie Freire, PEI - Motivated. Community Minded. Forward-thinker. 

Stephanie was born in Newfoundland and spent the first 25 years of her life there surrounded by a close-knit community of family and friends. She was a kid who loved the outdoors and went inside when the street lights came on. Stephanie completed a Bachelor of Science at Memorial University of Newfoundland before heading to Toronto and Halifax to study Radiation Therapy.  Stephanie's career has allowed her to travel and has taken me to several cancer centres throughout Canada and London, UK.

She currently resides in Stratford, Prince Edward Island with her husband, daughters, and dachshund. She believes that if we all do small things from where we are, we can collectively make a global difference.

Stephanie enjoys meeting new people and hearing about and learning from their different life experiences.  Her interests are cycling, tenting, hanging with her family, knitting and reading.  She has recently completed the "Indigenous Canada" course through the University of Alberta and it has lit the fire in her to understand more about the many Indigenous cultures within Canada.

Kimmie Watson, Nova Scotia - Avid Cyclist

Kimmie is a housekeeper at a nursing home in Dartmouth. She lives in Halifax and commutes to and from work by bicycle. Kimmie works 12-hour shifts. She loves her work and most of the time she truly enjoys her commute by bike. Cycling keeps her sane in this crazy world we live in.

Kevin Cooper, Nova Scotia - Brother. Brewer. Life-long tinkerer. 

Kevin grew up in Vancouver, on the west coast of Canada. Some twenty years ago he had the privilege of taking a working holiday in France where he spent about a year touring Western Europe by bicycle. This was his first time travelling alone, and his first time travelling by bike. He was fascinated by the infrastructure laid out for cyclists in the various towns and cities that he passed through, and when he came home it was with a renewed sense of optimism, and fresh eyes for city streets. The simple bicycle has been a key part of Kevin's life ever since, sending him on what he hopes will be a lifelong two-wheeled (and sometimes three-wheeled) journey of self-propelled adventures.

Kevin is currently a Master of Planning student at Dalhousie University and has been living in Halifax for about a year and a half now. Before moving to Nova Scotia, he spent about ten years living in Toronto and he's thrilled to be back on a salty coast!

Cathy Guest, Nova Scotia - an avid cyclist who is not as likely to ride in snowstorms these days


An enthusiastic outdoorswoman, she is a big fan of winter activities, especially cycling. As well as teaching yoga in her Sail Loft Studio, near Hubbards, Catherine enjoys music, chanting in Sanskrit, and writing. She has operated Freewheeling Adventures with her husband, Philip, since 1987, and published a book about some of her adventures called My Freewheeling Life: personal reflections on running an adventure tour company in rural N.S.

Mohamad Aljenadi, Nova Scotia - Mechanic. Syrian music enthusiast. Neighbourhood bike guru.

Mohamad Aljenadi is from Syria. Here in Halifax, he lives with his family in the North End. Mohamad studies English at Citadel highschool. In the neighbourhood of Uniacke Square, he likes to ride bikes, teach kids how to fix bikes, help kids have bikes, and teach them how to ride bikes.

Susie Addison, Nova Scotia - Derailleur lover. Adventurer. Mama. 

Susie Addison lives in Dartmouth with her husband, newborn baby, toddler, 5 bikes and 5 bike helmets. She learned to ride a bike on the coal-dust running track in her hometown of Canmore, Alberta and hasn't stopped biking since. A mountain biker at heart, she even owned a road bike for a few years, but now has a mountain bike and a commuter that she converted into a pedal-assist e-bike that tows a kids trailer. She has bike commuted while living in Alberta, Ottawa, Vancouver, Finland, East Timor and Australia. When not biking, camping or skiing, Susie works for the Government of Canada conducting environmental assessments.

Darryl Osborne, Nova Scotia - Family man. Sports fan. Community advocate.

Darryl has a wife and two daughters. He has a journalism degree, experience writing advertising for many radio stations in Atlantic Canada, and he's been a life-long advocate for people with physical disabilities. Currently, Darryl is the Bicycle Nova Scotia board member responsible for equity and inclusion. He's also the coordinator of Tri-A-Ride Para-Cycling.

Darryl has Cerebral Palsy, but he doesn't think of himself as a disabled person, rather a person with a disability. Don't be embarrassed if you don't see the difference, just ask him about it.



Winter Bike Week is taking place from February 7 - 13!


February 11th, 2021 6:00 PM through  8:00 PM
5557 Cunard Street
Box 3, 2nd Floor
Halifax, NS B3K 1C5
Phone: 902-802-8004
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