On Track for 2020 Petition

richmond-adelaide bike lane
richmond-adelaide bike lane

The Richmond-Adelaide bicycle lane in Toronto. Photo: Ontario Trucking Association (http://ontruck.org/cycle-tracks-extension-plan-this-fall/)

On Track for 2020

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Purpose: Halifax needs to invest in cycling infrastructure in order to achieve the mode share targets outlined in the 2006 Active Transportation Plan. Cities around the world have shown that all it takes to spark a cycling revolution is investment in protected bike lanes forming a connected network across the city. With a network of 100km of protected bike lanes and local street bikeways built in the Regional Centre by 2020 cycling will be the most convenient mode of transportation in the city.

Remedy Sought: The undersigned are calling on Halifax to build 100km of protected bike lanes in the Regional Centre by 2020. We are asking for a mix of pilot projects using temporary materials installed right away and permanent installations such as curbs installed during regular street recapitalization projects. This project should be done in conjunction with signage to direct road users to available underground and other off-street parking to enhance the experience of all road users. We are also calling on Halifax to adopt the National Association of Civic Transportation Officials’ road design standards for the urban area.

Start Date: Preparatory work and enhancements to existing bike lanes should begin immediately. Installation of new cycling routes should begin with the start of road construction in 2015 and follow with an average of 17km of infrastructure installed each year until October 2020.



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  1. Mel MacKenzie says:

    This would encourage many more HRM residents to encorporate more activity in their daily lives; reducing demands on health system.

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