EcoAction Project

It is evident that climate change is increasing around the world and we must act now to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Halifax Cycling Coalition wants to do our part, which is why we became a part of the initiative “If You Build It, They Will Come: Increasing Cycling, Decreasing Emissions”. The project is being funded through the EcoAction Community Funding Program by Environment and Climate Change Canada. The funding program was established to encourage communities to take action in addressing environmental issues and produce a positive environmental impact. Canada Bikes received the funding and is sharing it amongst local cycling groups in Halifax, Brampton, Montreal and Edmonton.

As part of this project we are encouraging community members to participate in our events, including our Intro to Urban Cycling Courses, Lunch and Learns, Rise and Grinds, PACO Rides and more! Through attending our events, supporting the cycling community, learning about cycling and helping us advocate for improved cycling infrastructure in HRM, you are becoming part of the initiative for a more sustainable city that focuses on active transportation rather than car-oriented design. This project aligns with our mandate that increased bicycle use has the potential to reduce traffic congestion and improve our health.

Check out our events page for all upcoming events and programs!

About Canada Bikes

Canada Bikes is a non-profit organization based out of Winnipeg that’s mission is to encourage Canadian residents and visitors of all ages to cycle more often for transportation, recreation and touring by making cycling attractive, safe, accessible and convenient across the country. Run by a dedicated volunteer Board of Directors and a staff member, the organization spearheads numerous projects to promote cycling as a mode of active transportation.