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Vancouver's Hornby planter-protected bicycle lane

South Park bicycle lane fixes in jeopardy

The future of the South Park Street bicycle lane is in jeopardy. Today, Halifax Regional Council will vote to approve one of three options outlined in the report by staff. The councillors need to hear…
An automatic counter collects data on Agricola Street

Data makes the difference

How many Haligonians ride their bicycles every day? Without data, we have no idea. Census data show that a paltry 1.1% of us ride our bicycles to work, but that does not tell us about…
Truck Sideguard Boston

Halifax Regional Council Approves Side Guards

The Halifax Cycling Coalition is very pleased to announce that Halifax Regional Council has approved the staff recommendation for side guards on all city and contacted trucks. The installations will begin in 2017, with all city vehicles…
community engagement trailer

Build a community engagement trailer

Donate Now Over the past nine years the Halifax Cycling Coalition has worked hard to grow awareness of cycling issues in Halifax. Whether it's more bicycle lanes, changes to the Motor Vehicle Act, or safety…
University Avenue Bicycle Lane

University Avenue is getting a bicycle lane

The Dawgfather’s court case against the city has been thrown out. This means we can expect a bicycle lane on University Avenue in the near future. Bike lanes take patience. We helped keep this issue…
30 days of biking

30 Days of Biking

Join us for 30 Days of Biking - a month-long celebration of bicycles. We have events every week, open to the whole family. Find out more...

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