HCC is Hiring!

The HCC is excited to announce we are now accepting applications for our new membership coordinator position!


APPLICATION DEADLINE:  September 1, 2017

Please send your cover letter and resume to contact@cyclehalifax.ca by 11:59pm on September 1st 2017.

Description of Employment:

This is a full time contract position paid hourly, with payment occurring once per month. The approximate workload is 35 hours/week.  The hourly contract fee is $15 per hour.

Reporting to the Executive Director and weekly, the Membership Coordinator will be responsible for engaging with the community and providing regular updates on activities to the Executive Director. The membership coordinator will be responsible for managing the membership database, with the support of the Executive Director & HCC membership committee.


Position Summary:

The Membership Coordinator must:

  • own and be able to ride bicycle
  • hold a valid driver’s license
  • report to the Executive Director
  • own a laptop computer on which the HCC work will be completed
  • own a cellular telephone that can be used for HCC work
  • a Canadian Citizen, permanent resident
  • legally entitled to work per relevant provincial / territorial legislation and regulations
  • have a current post-secondary student at a Canadian University or College in a 2-year program or higher
  • have an interest in working in the environmental sector in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, or business


Relevant Experience

  • Degree in communications, business, planning, health promotions, or sustainability
  • Sales/retail, costumer service, outreach, brand ambassador
  • Event planning and execution

Core Competencies

  • Personable, energetic and self-motivated
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong organizational & time management skills
  • Experience working with diversity of staff and stakeholders, with knowledge of cultural competence, diversity and social inclusion
  • Passion for sustainability, the environment, health promotion, or urban design

Job Responsibilities

  • Effectively communicate the Halifax cycling Coalition’s mission, vision, and programs at events
  • Execute the membership strategy with direction from staff and board of directors
  • Manage membership database & communications
  • Phoning members
  • Processing membership transactions
  • Preparing and mailing member welcome packages
  • Selling memberships and various fundraiser items (event tickets, t-shirts, etc.)
  • Organizing outreach tables
  • Duties and responsibilities to be expanded upon mutual agreement of both parties
  • Prepare information for reports for each event to be utilized for future planning
  • Grow Halifax Cycling Coalition memberships
  • Duties and responsibilities to be expanded upon mutual agreement of both parties