Luci & Lily raise money for Johanna Dean

Luci & Lily raise money for Johanna Dean

Johanna Dean’s death had a tragic effect on many people in Halifax. One of the biggest impacts was felt at Saint Catherine’s Elementary, where Dean taught grade 1. Two girls in the other grade 1 class, Luci and Lily, recently held their combined birthday party. Every year they ask for donations instead of gifts. This year they asked classmates to donate to the fund in memory of a teacher they knew well. Luci and Lily were able to raise over $515 for the Halifax Cycling Coalition’s memorial fund through this selfless act.

In the coming months we will have more information to share about the Johanna Dean memorial fund, which will be used for a project to remember Johanna and improve the state of cycling in Halifax.

3 comments on “Luci & Lily raise money for Johanna Dean

  1. Kelly Dean says:

    A very big thank you and big hugs to Luci and Lily for their wonderful idea.

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