Halifax Harbour Bridge Survey

A person crosses the Macdonald Bridge bicycle lane

The following is a message from the Halifax Harbour Bridges:

Dear survey participant,

We are looking for people who cross the Macdonald Bridge using active transportation to participate in a short survey. Halifax Harbour Bridges (HHB) will undertake a major and essential renewal project of the Macdonald Bridge. Beginning in early 2015, the entire suspended structure of the bridge will be replaced. The bridge will remain open to vehicular traffic most days, but the bike lane and sidewalk will be temporarily removed.

The information collected will allow us to better support active transportation users during the renewal project. The survey will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Please complete the survey at your earliest convenience. If you have any question or require further information, please contact Dr. Ahsan Habib or Alison MacDonald.


To participate in the survey, please follow this link.

Best Regards,

Dr. Ahsan Habib, Dalhousie University

Alison MacDonald, Halifax Harbour Bridges

4 comments on “Halifax Harbour Bridge Survey

  1. Ronny says:

    Don’t forget–pedestrianism is active transportation, and includes dog-walking, for which there is no other route across the harbour than the MacDonald Bridge.

    1. Ben Wedge says:

      There’s a comment field at the bottom of the survey – make sure you let its creators know!

  2. A Cyclist says:

    Where’s the link to the survey? Looks like the site designer was also responsible for the bridge bike path fiasco…

  3. ricksands@ymail.com says:

    Recommend using one outside lanes of the Macdonald bridge for cyclists and pedestrians to continue to use the bridge for commuting during the bridge work. Light weight cement barriers used as guard rails could provide a safety zone separating cars from the pedestrians and cyclists. If required automobile traffic could continue to be regulated as it presently is by having 2 lanes Halifax bound in morning hours and 2 lanes Dartmouth bound in the afternoon hours although car traffic would be one way at these times. Though proper communication to the car driving public these changes could be accommodated and provide less inconvenience to pedestrians and cyclists who have fewer options in their commuting choices.

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