Bike Week Discounts for Cyclists

Riding a bike allows you to move about our city quickly & efficiently-  you can avoid most traffic jams and searching (& searching) for a parking spot. Many cyclists use their bike not only for recreational purposes, but also as their main form of transportation, whether that means commuting to & from work and/or just getting around town. Shopping, dining with friends, visiting coffee shops, and picking up groceries, or any other errands you need to run, is easy to do (& enjoyable!) on a bike.

HRM Bike Week is a celebration of all things cycling related including the concept of viewing cyclists as consumers. A number of HRM businesses owners just get it- they understand that a number of their patrons arrive via a bicycle. These [totally awesome] businesses are helping to celebrate cycling by offering discounts for cyclists when they show their helmet during Bike Week 2013 (May 31 to June 9th).

In particular Downtown Dartmouth and Quinpool Road are really showin’ the love to cyclists!

“The Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission and downtown merchants enthusiastically responded to the invitation to offer discounts during Bike Week.  Downtown Dartmouth is at the crossroads of the Harbour Trail and the TransCanada Trail as well as having the Dartmouth Ferry docking on our waterfront making it an ideal spot for bicycle commuters and enthusiasts to live, work, and play!  Downtown Dartmouth is encouraging cyclists in our downtown,  we recently installed bike racks and we are providing funding to outfit our community police officers with bicycles.”
— Tim Rissesco, DDBC

“The Quinpool Road Mainstreet District Association is pleased to be a sponsor of Bike Week and Bikefest. Our businesses are proud supporters of HRM Bike Week and healthy active lifestyles for all HRM residents. We invite you to come visit the many shops and restaurants on Quinpool Road that caters to healthy active living. Numerous bike racks can be found on Quinpool Road, so we hope you can bring your bike, park it, and stay for a while. Bring your helmet in, and drop into the variety of businesses listed for discounts, coupons and specials from May 31rst to June 9th. Plus, watch for the members of Quinpool Road participating in another ‘Big Bike’ Event in the coming months.”
— Karla Nicholson, QRMDA

For the list of discounts on Quinpool Road and in Downtown Dartmouth, please visit the HRM Bike Week Offers for Cyclists webpage. During Bike Week, let’s show these areas that their customers on bikes appreciate their support!

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