Crosstown Connector Phase 2 Public Engagement

Have your say about the Crosstown Connector in Phase 2 of HRM’s public engagement

North-South Peninsula Bike Corridor Diagram

Phase Two of public engagement on the north-south peninsula bicycle corridor (Crosstown Connector) will focus on route options, solicit preferences for route type and design, and consider how the route will connect with the  existing and future peninsula cycling network.

This is the final opportunity for public input before a recommendation is made to Regional Council.

Phase Two will have two components:

1) Public rides. Join project staff on group rides of the candidate routes.  The group will stop and discuss options for various locations.  A debrief discussion will follow.

Rides will take place August 9, August 14, August 21 and August 23.  Start time is 6:30 pm.  Rides will begin and end at the Bloomfield Centre (2786 Agricola Street).

Please email us at and reserve your spot for the date you wish to attend one of the rides.

2) Public workshops.  Work with project staff to refine route design elements and plan connections to the peninsula cycling network. These sessions will take place in mid-September.  Dates and times TBA.

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  1. I think it’s great the public rides are after the conventional work day, but I do hope project staff ride the routes at peak hours (8:30am, 5:00pm) as well. As a daily commute-cycler of Agricola and South Park, I can say that route is #1 extremely heavily used by bikes at those times and #2 particularly dangerous in a couple of spots (transition from Agricola to North Park cycling south for instance).

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