Bikefest-Open Street Party Volunteer Call-Out

HRM Bike Week is just around the corner and the HCC is once again involved in one of the festival’s staple events – the Open Street Party!

For the first time this year, the HCC and Mountain Equipment Co-op decided to join forces and bring their annual Bikefest together with the HCC’s Open Street Party. This year’s event will take place:

Sunday, May 27th
The streets around the North Commons, Halifax

It’s a fun event for folks of all ages. In addition to opening the streets to cyclists, runners, skateboarders and others, we’ll have kids races and other kids’ activities, a variety of clinics, valet bike parking, music and lots more! In order to make the event happen though, we need volunteers like you! We’ll ask volunteers to:
  • help community groups find and set up their booths
  • ride the streets on a bike during the event to ensure the safety of participants even on the far side of the course
  • answer questions from participants
  • help set up and take down
  • and more…..
And of course, you’ll get a t-shirt and have access to some tasty snacks and refreshments:)

Come and be part of this great annual event: email if you’re interested!

One comment on “Bikefest-Open Street Party Volunteer Call-Out

  1. There are two reasons why you should make a point and attend the 2012 HRM bike week. This years’ event will probably the best one compared to previous events, because of the combined efforts of both HCC and Mountain Equipment Co-op to organize the event. Secondly, the scheduled date for the event is perfect because on Sundays there is very little traffic on the streets.

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